This area of the website is dedicated to providing you with a list of tried-and-tested applications in order to help you use your computer on a day-to-day basis.

Some of these applications are Free, some are Trials, some you have to pay for, but rest assured that they have all been tried and tested by our team.

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DVD Shrink

This product allows you to 'rip' a DVD to your hard disk for later viewing, or to back it up to a DVD-R or even to a CDR (by compressing the movie)



Pop-ups, Spy-ware, Trojans and other Mal-ware (programs designed to illicitly capture your surfing habits) are all spotted and removed with this excellent piece of software

Ultra VNC

VNC (Virtual Network Computer) is a mechanism to take "remote control" of your computer from another location utilising the Internet. This is a lot like pcAnywhere, PC Duo etc, but its much faster, much small and completely free. In addition, it works cross-platform with support for Windows, Unix, BeOS, OS2 etc.

Avast! Anti-Virus

After trying many antivirus applications, our team recommends Avast! as their top-tip for virus protection. Free for personal use, and priced reasonably for business use, this application is suitable for all modern versions of Windows (including Server editions) and does not impede the speed of your PC (as some other Anti-Virus applications do)

FREE! (personal use)

Costed for businesses

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