My Sky Box keeps switching off (Sky+ and Sky HD)

This is a common issue, usually caused by a software update. 

All Sky Digiboxes download updates “over the air”, and this is easily fixed by changing a setting and forcing a new update.

Simply follow these steps:-

  1. Press Services
  2. Press 5 (Sky+ Setup)
  3. Select Auto Standby and set it to Off
  4. Select Save New Settings
  5. Press the Sky Button

Ok, now we need to force a 'new download'

  1. Switch off the receiver’s power at the wall
  2. Wait 10 secs…. Then press and hold the Backup button on the front of the receiver whilst switching the power back on
  3. Keep holding the backup button until all the LEDs on the front switch on.
  4. Wait 10-20 mins (A message on the screen will say something like ‘Don’t switch off….’)
  5. Resist temptation to start playing with the box when it reboots… give it a few more minutes
  6. Now press the Sky button.

This should resolve the issue.

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